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rejuvenating after brain trauma 

images by rachael romero, sound by eisho shugetsu sudan, 2014


My head has been through a lot over a lifetime. Violence, car accidents, falls and what do you know a brain tumor growing away for years. Its out now but the TBI is confounding--my next frontier.

Of the chant, Eisho writes: "the words are a poem written by the previous abbot of toshoji (abbot 99, roshi is abbot 100); all about death and change and gratitude being the thing that sustains one through loss,..."



Malleable brain

growing where the tumor was

I feel alive now




Minding my brain. Light

melts neuro-scars. Wondrous!


A visual exploration of the disorientation of brain trauma after surgery.

Exhibit photos light on brain pics72  3 mermaids heal brain200dpi Rachael Romero 3_3 Thru glass darkly2

And now I see through a glass ....

 why I am alive 3CJUGSofinfo copysmall