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A short  clip in developement  by Rachael Romero about her experience as a fourteen-year-old in the Convent of the Good Shepherd,

a MAGDALENE LAUNDRY in South Australia (1941-1974) where girls were forced to work in prison conditions without pay and the legacy of that experience.


For 150 years, many thousands of young women were incarcerated in Roman Catholic convents around the world where they were forced to do hard labor without pay in commercial laundries  known collectively as Magdalene Laundries.


The artist/film maker Rachael Romero labored, as a girl, in "The Pines," Convent of the Good Shepherd Laundry, South Australia. Here is a visual poem  she made addressing lher experience of life in a Magdalene Laundry.  She is currently at work writing and designing a film/book: Magdalene Inferno.


Romero also begins to address the legacy of the effects of these experiences on the lives of the women who endured them.




Restorative Justice for the Magdalenes' Worldwide!




 My art sings the unsung, illuminates the overlooked and draws strength from dark places. I am not afraid of contradictions or of using my skills to reify the dust swept under society’s rug. My body of work demonstrates a commitment to looking into what has been kept secret and transforming and sharing the results. That’s is why I choose to create in media that can be multiplied and widely disseminated and why I see the internet as my gallery. Making motion pictures is also a way for me to comprehend the disparate experiences of life.

magdalene diaries