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Recent Digital Posters by Rachael Romero

Rachael Romero 2015

4616415466_595x503.jpg THe way the Catholic Church viewed us by Rachael R ENSLAVED Final 200 EVITE WEB POSTER dates times  copy Crown ML lg Enslaved by Rachael Romero

Posters by Rachael Romero, All Rights Reserved

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And after running the gauntlet of health care and hell-care USA--this ...

pay attention AMERICA cops are...flat72 11x8.5 LAND RIGHTS 4 72

ENSLAVED in a Magdalene Laundry, Australia



Posters by Rachael Romero, 2011-2016

Magdalene Laundries.

water is a public resource-- not for profit by Rac

Land Rights


“I was standing up against everything I considered antiquated and vesting my hopes in something that seemed to me more human, more genuine."

                                                                                        ---Miró http://hyperallergic.com/55073/joan-miro-the-ladder-of-escape-national-gallery-of-art/

AAA Dick Cheney's UNSPEAKABLE 72smfActs color NY Balance YOUR BRAIN sm 72 Rachael Romero AAAsmYou're Bleeding from the Brain- full-Single c

Civil Rights